Yoslon’s Professional Industrial Bread Ovens

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March 15, 2018

Yoslon’s Professional Industrial Bread Ovens

Who doesn’t like fresh breads, all of us! why not bake them at home using Yoslon’s professional Industrial bread oven? Here, are 6 top-picks from our vast range of bread oven machines.

Our Bread Ovens provides excellent results for preparing some of the best breads and other bakery items. Its features includes low failure rate due to the imports of zero components and its microcomputer control panel offers full control over your convection oven, giving you the edge to make changes in temperature, the style of heat-cycle applied, and set timers during those busy hours of your business. The automatic control temperature feature provides chefs and cooks of all kinds, with the flexibility to perform multiple tasks at once, giving you a higher and more fruitful gain from each completed batch! The convection oven’s structure has been reinforced for durability and strength, giving essential thermal cycle and additional uniform of heat-distribution throughout the entire inner-chamber of the convection oven.
Our second top performer is the Electric Deck Bread Oven. Designed with a luxury European style, the double proofed tempered glass electric deck oven is designed with reinforced doors and windows to resist explosions and heat-tension. The doors and the tempered glass have been innovated in a style that would encourage to trap the heat within the electric deck oven, providing sufficient thermal cooking all whilst keeping everyone in safe zone, away from any possibilities of harm or endangerment. Food machines like the electric deck oven has been further innovated and modified with alternated radian-heat-tube technology to provide high and low temperatures for your bakery goodies. There are about 9 radian-heat-tubes, each working independently to promote a perfect and symmetrical distribution of balanced heat in which is driven to improve the cooking / baking functions of the electric deck oven and provides efficiency in results and sufficiency in low-power consumption.
The third industry’s top pick is the Gas Deck Bread Oven, which is very much relevant in many bakery shops and baking factories. Yoslon’s gas deck oven has been gifted with extended door handles that has been specially designed to resist from hot temperatures, protecting you during your busiest hours from burning your hand. The ovens capabilities can store cooking pan sizes up to 400 *600, giving you the edge to produce higher quantity of baking goods at a faster turnaround time. Depending on your requirement and the type of business you are in, the gas deck oven even comes in different sizes, catering from 1-6 trays as per to your or your company needs. The wondrous and flexible gas deck oven is indeed one of the best and top quality kitchen equipment that you can add as a collection to your industrial kitchen.
Since a gas-line is required to ignite this food machine to life, the ovens smart-oriented design provides extra low power consumption, saving you a few extra bucks on your electrical bills!
The 4th kitchen equipment runner-up is the Luxury Electric Deck Bread Oven, in which happens to be one of our top selling food processing machines. Built with some of the best materials like reinforced stainless steel elements to provide a luxurious appeal to the overall design of the oven, making it suitable for commercial restaurants. The slick, shiny-stainless steel elements are perfect ingredients to provide sufficient heating for cooking or baking needs and its materials are extremely easy to clean. The luxurious oven has the capabilities to reach temperatures of up to 300° C! Select your luxury electric deck oven today, ranging from 1-16+ tray cooking capacity. The deck ovens astonishing door design offer easily to open or close and has a tempered-glass association to its build, providing a small window for your professional chef’s to give their experienced observations to deliver the best bakery goodies in town!
As a result from the previous kitchen equipment model design of the Gas Deck Oven, Yoslon’s developers has upgraded the low-power consuming bread oven machine with an additional and extended oven for high batch production. Just like luxury electric deck, this oven has been gifted with reinforced-stainless steel to give it the modern appearance of an industrial oven. The magnificent Luxury Gas Deck Bread Oven machine has an temperature control temperature for all your cooking temp adjustments in which is also opt. with timers and buzzers to keep you ahead of your baking game!
Lastly, the Yoslon’s famous Rotary Bread Oven provides flexibility and complete control and sub-automated features to cook or bake your goodies, the smart way! The design includes innovation in alerting systems and danger notifications that can sound an alarm to notify the person in charge of your industrial kitchen. This food machine’s entire interior and exterior walls have been reinforced and optimized with smart-sensors to indicate any disturbances during the cooking process. The build has been painstakingly designed with precision in proofing against explosions, short circuit malfunctions and durable insulators to trap the heat and to avoid any heat-tension from the process of baking your bakery goods. The large- walk-in industrial rotary oven comes in a large variety, ranging from 16-64 trays and clients have the options to modify your oven to either be electric, gas feed system or diesel feed system.

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