Spiral Mixer

Industry’s Professional Spiral Mixer

Yoslon’s famous food processing machines commercial & industrial graded Spiral Mixers are considered to be some of the best constructed and well-engineered equipment that any professional baker or bakery owner would want. Developers from Food Machine Union have been able to produce some of the most competitive mixers in the market, in which includes Economical and Luxury spiral mixers and YSN Series mixers. Indeed they make excellent assets for kitchen equipment to make an addition to your line of your bakery machine collections.

The Economical Spiral Mixer is built with smart features that can minimize accident, spills and any endangerment that any of your employees could be relatively endangered. Some of those safety features includes a safety net, in which is built with a chrome-finishing. The safety net grill is adjustable, making your blending and mixing demands sufficient and away from harm’s way. At the very top of this bakery machine is opt with a control panel which includes a safety- emergency shut off button in case of a worst case scenario. The mixers bowl has a similar stainless steel construction with a silver metallic finishing to give our spiral mixer, a glossy, slick-look.

The Luxury Spiral Mixer, which happens to be our designers’ favorite pick, comes with features that provides additional advantages. The advanced, soft, yet sophisticated rotational system opt on its spiral-spin, provides a perfect dough blending abilities to produce fresh and perfectly blended-ingredients for all sorts of dough and for simple ingredient mixtures. It one of our best food machines that we keep, in stock, at all times!

Moving to our last contender, the YSN Series is also considered a competitive spiral equipment apart from rest of the products in stock. The YSN Series built is constructed with US imported genuine parts that significantly performs at a greater degree and lasts ten times longer! It is opt with all copper-wired heavy duty-motor with dual-interchangeable speed actions that makes it easier to shift from slow spiral-spin to high performance mixtures. Its container or the barrel is forged with stretched metallic process that gives way its stain-resistant chrome finishing, in which has a locking mechanism to avoid from tipping over or getting knocked over from its rotational spiral spin. It is additionally opt with a stainless-steel net, for safety purposes. Our YSN Series food machines also has up to 3 switch-board control panels that makes it easier for the user to switch from functions-to-functions, all whilst having the spiral-spin under control. This unique bakery machine is offered with a capacity range from 15-100(KG), with its maximum mixing rotational speeds of up to 203 Rpm (rotations per minute).

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