About Company


Our company is located in Panyu district, Guangzhou, China. We are a manufacturer of many kinds of food machines including: bakery machines, kitchen machines, food processing machines and so on. All the products, with high quality and good price, are exported to many countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Western Kitchen Equipments category deals with machines and equipments that you’ll mostly find in any western restaurants. This category includes HH series and OH series.
"The food processing machine category comprises of bone sawing machine and potato peeler machine."

The Refrigeration Equipments category includes machines that you’ll mostly find in bakeries and ice-cream parlors such as Double arc cake showcase, ice cream machine, ice machines etc.


We believe in perfection with the ultimate satisfaction, we don’t compromise on our customers satisfaction level and only deal in high quality product. All of our products come with a 3-5 year money back guarantee, which shows how much we value the satisfaction of our customers.

We don’t only take pride in our high quality products but we also take pride in offering the best prices for our products. We not only make sure that our products are of high quality but are also reasonable that it does not get heavy on your pocket.
"Our products are also exported to different parts of the world. We have made a name of our brand in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa by delivering products that exceeds the customer’s expectations."
We are the one of the top bakery equipment manufacturers and bakery equipment suppliers in the Southeast Asian region. We are also one of the top bread oven manufacturers & bread oven Suppliers in China

Our testimonials speaks volume about the quality of our products and services!

We are keen on our mission of “delivering High quality products beyond your expectations”, therefore we focus on every detail to serve our customers sincerely.

  • We serve the best Food Machines in town.
  • Always Sell Best Quality of Products.
  • Fast and nice service.
  • Satisfaction or money refund guaranteed.



" We keep following the purpose of ""Think for customers, supply high quality products"", and focus on every detail to serve customers sincerely."