Our Aim Is To Attain Client Satisfaction & Reliability!

At Yoslon, we take additional steps to meet our customer’s expectations and we ensure that every bakery equipment we deliver are not only efficient and durable, but are also reliable and serves its purpose gracefully!



Professional, Top Quality Bakery Machines & Equipment

Yoslon’s top quality industrial bakery machines & professional bakery equipment.

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Sufficient Food Processing Machines

Excellent & high performance food processing machines for all your preparations and food processing needs.

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Yoslon’s Best Western Kitchen Equipment

Experience some of Yoslon’s best line of westernized kitchen products & equipment. Ideal for all your professional industrial or commercial kitchen needs.

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Top, High Quality Refrigeration Products & Equipment

Learn about Yoslon’s coolers, walk-in freezers and other refrigeration equipment & products.

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Yoslon’s team of professionals would like to welcome you to the Food Machine Union!

F Food Machine Union is a manufacturing company that provides sufficient bakery machine, bread oven and spiral mixer solutions for all your food-prep problems. Food Machine Union have been an industrial’s #1 top brand pick for industrial and commercial kitchen usage for 5- strong years and are continuously work on implementations to build better and sufficient food processing machines! Food Machine Union headquarters is located in Panyu Dist, Guangzhou, China, where all quality is assured, tested and shipped to happy customers like you!
At Yoslon’s Food Machine Union, our customers are our top priority and missions is to better serve you and provide you the best customer service that you deserve! Food Machine Union works hard and around the clock to specialize in the following products;
"Food union deals in a diverse range of products. Our product section is categorized into 4 different categories."

  • Professional, Top Quality Bakery Machines & Equipment
  • Western Kitchen Products & Equipment
  • Food Prep & Processing Machines
  • Expert-Level Refrigeration Storage & Equipment
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